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Title: La contaminación ambiental y la repercusión social en El Barrio Cinco De Junio de la ciudad de Manta, Período 2022 – 2023.
Authors: Parrales Roca, Marcela Lisbeth.
Issue Date: 2023
Citation: Parrales Roca, M. L. (2023). La contaminación ambiental y la repercusión social en El Barrio Cinco De Junio de la ciudad de Manta, Período 2022 – 2023. (Tesis de Pregrado). Universidad Laica Eloy Alfaro de Manabí, Manta, Ecuador.
Series/Report no.: ULEAM-TS;0089
Abstract: This research project analyzes and describes the results obtained through a qualitative method carried out in the Cinco de Junio neighborhood of the city of Manta on the impact of environmental pollution and how it affects its environment. Environmental pollution has had a great influence on the activities and development of human beings, limiting their quality of life to adapt to a polluted environment. The Manta River is one of the tributaries that is located within the city of Manta, it was declared a "sanitary emergency" in 2019 due to environmental factors such as pollution, due to its impact on the quality of life of the inhabitants. Through the mplementation of the interview technique, its main purpose was to collect information on those negative factors associated with environmental pollution and how it affected the development of people. Through these results, it is revealed how the impact of a polluted environment affects the human being, violating their right to live in an ecologically healthy environment and the main factors that increase pollution. For a better understanding of the dimensions of the problem, the current situation is analyzed in environmental, economic, social and health terms, exploring the perspectives of the residents. These aspects show how pollution alters the living conditions of the inhabitants, turning them into vectors of diseases, incapacity for local development and vulnerability to social conflicts. Through this study it is shown that the main problem in the neighborhood is the contamination of its river, additionally, the inhabitants express concern if there are no measures or policies to reduce river contamination to improve the living conditions of families in the sector.
Description: Este proyecto de investigación analiza y describe los resultados obtenidos a través de un método cualitativo realizado en el barrio Cinco de Junio de la ciudad de Manta sobre el impacto de la contaminación ambiental y como repercute en su entorno. La contaminación ambiental ha tenido una gran influencia dentro de las actividades y desarrollo del ser humano limitando su calidad de vida para adaptarse a un ambiente contaminado.
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