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Title: Efectos de la pandemia COVID 19 en las actividades comerciales y financieras en el sector camaronero del cantón Pedernales.
Authors: Bailón Olives, Valeria Maribel
Keywords: COVID-19
Issue Date: 2023
Citation: Bailón Olives, V. M. (2023). Efectos de la pandemia COVID 19 en las actividades comerciales y financieras en el sector camaronero del cantón Pedernales. (Tesis de Pregrado). Universidad Laica Eloy Alfaro de Manabí, Manta, Ecuador.
Series/Report no.: ULEAM-CT.AUD;0101
Abstract: Shrimp farming is one of the non-oil activities that constitutes most of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Ecuador; Ecuadorian shrimp is of great relevance in the international trade and one of the products with high demand; However, since the quarantine due to the COVID-19 virus began, this sector has faced numerous challenges. The main one was when China was included in the list of nations that were subject to quarantine. This academic essay focuses its efforts on applying a bibliographic analysis that They compare various studies inherent to research that address the variables described, the deductive-synthetic method is exposed, allowing us to give way to the primary purpose of this work, which is to demonstrate the impact on the financial sector to the shrimp farmers of the canton Pedernales due to the effects of the health emergency known as “COVID-19”, with this, was able to see how producers have overcome strategies to reduce the impact and effects. The results that stand out are guided by the strategies used by various shrimp farmers in the Pedernales canton, to solve the great economic impact generated by the problem described is framed by: competitive strategy of association of small merchants, as well as the incursion into new market lines, the negotiations of debts to suppliers and employees, cost reduction, among other points executed by entrepreneurs and managers. In conclusion, the data reflects the crisis that the shrimp industry was going through, which is translated into significant economic losses for Ecuadorian companies. This crisis was seen exacerbated by the drop in the price of shrimp worldwide.
Description: El presente ensayo académico centra sus esfuerzos en aplicar un análisis bibliográfico que comparan diversos estudios inherentes a investigaciones que abordan las variables descritas, se expone el método deductivo-sintético, permitiendo dar paso al propósito primordial de este trabajo, que es demostrar el impacto en el sector financiero a los camaroneros del cantón Pedernales por efectos de la emergencia sanitaria conocida como “COVID-19”, con ello, se pudo contemplar de qué manera los productores han sobrellevado estrategias para reducir el impacto y las afectaciones.

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