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Title: Influencia del medio físico natural en la distribución y variabilidad del uso del suelo en El Carmen.
Authors: Vera Zambrano, Yandri Danilo
Issue Date: 2022
Citation: Vera Zambrano, Y. D. (2022). Influencia del medio físico natural en la distribución y variabilidad del uso del suelo en El Carmen. (Tesis de Pregrado). Universidad Laica Eloy Alfaro de Manabí, Manta, Ecuador.
Series/Report no.: ULEAM-AGRO;0324
Abstract: This investigation was carried out in El Carmen - Manabí, in a sector that occupies the central part of the Canton and has a main agricultural vocation, with the objective of assessing the factors that delimit the spatial distribution of land use in the San Pedro de Suma del Parroquia. Canton El Carmen; the experiment was located at 180 meters above sea level with a humid tropic climate, a temperature of 22°C, precipitation of 2900 mm, with a relative unit of 80%, bioclimatic classification of humid tropic forest and with heliophany 1026.2 h/l/ a in the central part of El Carmen Canton. A measurable or observational experiment was carried out, since variables are not manipulated, but the effect of the physical factors that characterize the soil and its influence on the current land use are evaluated: For this, the existing spatial information and its updating were used. through field observations. The independent variable are the factors that influence land use and its operationalization is soil suitability, soil properties, relief, its structure and dynamics, and the dependent variable is land use and its operationalization is the categories of use. of ground. The data obtained was captured in an Excel sheet with its coordinates and exported to Qgis using Forasto CSv, in Qgis the polygons were created ith these data and the land use was updated.
Description: Esta investigación se efectuó en El Carmen – Manabí, en un sector que ocupa la parte central del Cantón y tiene una vocación agropecuaria principal, con el objetivo valorar los factores que delimitan la distribución espacial del uso del suelo en la Parroquia San Pedro de Suma del Cantón El Carmen; el experimento se ubicó a 180 msnm con un clima trópico húmedo, una temperatura de 22°C, precipitación de 2900 mm, con una unidad relativa de 80 %, clasificación bioclimática de bosque trópico húmedo y con la heliofanía 1026,2 h/l/a en la parte central del Cantón El Carmen.

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