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Title: La paratextualidad imágenes y el diálogo para fomentar el aprendizaje literario.
Authors: Peñaherrera Domínguez, Jimmy Leonardo
Issue Date: 2023
Citation: Peñaherrera Domínguez, J. L. (2023). La paratextualidad imágenes y el diálogo para fomentar el aprendizaje literario. (Tesis de Pregrado). Universidad Laica Eloy Alfaro de Manabí, Manta, Ecuador.
Series/Report no.: ULEAM - PLL;013
Abstract: This thesis project addresses the challenges and the need to implement strategies to improve students' learning in the current educational context. It focuses on the Fiscal Educational Unit "Manta" in the province of Manabí, where issues in literary learning are identified, such as a lack of interest in reading, limited availability of quality literary materials, and a traditionalist approach focused on universal literature, neglecting contemporary Ecuadorian literature and local writers. The difficulties arising from the pandemic context and socio-economic and cultural conflicts in the city of Manta are also mentioned. The project seeks to promote the use of new strategies such as Paratextuality, Images, and Dialogue to stimulate literary learning among high school students. A mixed approach is used, collecting data through surveys and structured interviews to understand the problem. The descriptive level is employed to provide a detailed description of the studied phenomenon, using deductive, inductive, analytical, and synthetic methods. The target population is third-year high school students, and tools such as observation, checklists, semi-structured interviews, and surveys are used. The results highlight the importance of literary learning, the identified problems, and the effectiveness of the proposed strategies. The need to train teachers and use attractive strategies to strengthen literary learning is emphasized. The conclusions underscore the importance of addressing the causes of low levels of literary learning and improving the literary educational experience of students through the implementation of the proposed strategy.
Description: Este proyecto de tesis aborda los desafíos y la necesidad de implementar estrategias para mejorar el aprendizaje de los estudiantes en el contexto educativo actual. Se enfoca en la Unidad Educativa Fiscal Manta, en la provincia de Manabí, donde se identifican problemas en el aprendizaje literario, como falta de interés por la lectura, disponibilidad limitada de materiales literarios de calidad y enseñanza tradicionalista centrada en la literatura universal, descuidando la literatura ecuatoriana contemporánea y escritores locales.

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